Strategic partners that help us bring access to care

Allied health partnerships for better care

Rocket Doctor works with partners that help bring a seamless virtual care solution to patients. Our team collaborates and makes referrals to relevant companies, both to expand our services and provide patients with the best treatment options.


Here are some of the partners that Rocket Doctor is working with:

Pear Suite

Pear Suite’s member activation platform transforms social determinants of health data into actionable solutions, empowering community health workers to provide culturally sensitive care navigation. This partnership allows Rocket Doctor to leverage data in order to identify real community needs within Los Angeles, addressing these with our cloud-based digital health platform.


This exciting partnership utilizes the best in digital health tech to link Los Angeles residents to accessible and affordable healthcare.

Mendota Health

Mendota Health is a mobile clinic that provides in home wound care to patients living in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Anaheim & Irvine who have diabetes.


The Mendota Health team is made up of nurse practitioners who go to the patient’s home or care facility, bringing with them everything necessary to provide complete and total wound care. Using the latest in healthcare technology, Mendota Health can maximize healing for things like chronic and hard-to-treat wounds.

Journey House

Journey House is an organization based in Pasadena, California that provides services to current and former foster youth, adults, and their families.


Journey House provides emotional support and guidance, as well as financial aid to help with the cost of attending college and vocational schools. Their goal is to create opportunities for advancement in education, economic stability, and a better quality of life for former foster youth.

Poppy Life Care

Poppy Life Care, based in Orange County, provides access to affordable, innovative, holistic, integrative, and complementary health and wellness resources and services for individuals and families living with a wide spectrum of physical, mental, and behavioral health challenges.


Poppy Life Care serves families living with these daily challenges and supports not only awareness but therapies and education, reducing the dependencies on prescription drugs, and eliminating stigmas through interdisciplinary programs.

Lightwell Partner


Lightwell’s online platform offers programs that are tailored to address your unique mental wellness concerns. Creating individualized, evidence-based CBT programs, patients in Canada have access to self-guided, therapist-assisted programs and video therapy sessions.

Lightwell Partner

iClick Physiotherapy

iClick Physiotherapy provides access to virtual physiotherapy assessments, follow-up treatments, and customized exercise plans through a digital platform, servicing Ontario, Canada. Your progress is monitored through each exercise and tailored in real-time for your continued healing.

Pharmacy Partners

Access key pharmacies in Canada, to easily fill your prescriptions.


Rexall is a leading drugstore operator with over 400 pharmacies across Canada.  Providing exceptional patient care and customer service in 180 communities, seek prescriptions, pharmacy care, flu shots and more with Rexall.

Accelerator Partners

Rocket Doctor is part of targeted accelerator & incubation programs, helping to build the Rocket Doctor network
and expand our telemedicine offerings.


From advisory services to talent, capital, customers and more, MaRS offers a range of high-value services that help high-growth companies succeed. Providing access to the MaRS ecosystem – a curated community of entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, academics and government partners – they help to accelerate select businesses in Canada.

Afore Capital

A pre-seed focused venture capital firm, with proven product & investment expertise. Located in Canada, a strategic investment partner for Rocket Doctor in advisory and initial funding activities.