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Healthcare Is Evolving Rapidly, Your Business Should Too

In this digital era, patients are looking for a reliable healthcare option that fits around their lives. Having a health concern creates enough of a burden, where travel time, waiting time and additional stresses associated with accessing care, only add to it. Patients are looking for a secure, digitally-enabled solution that makes healthcare easy.

Meanwhile, doctors are looking for a solution that enables them to provide their best care to the patients that need to access them, in a way that fits their lives.

Rocket Doctor does just that. Seamlessly integrating with your business, to provide your patients, customers or employees with the technology needed to enable access to high quality, digital healthcare.

Who we work with

Rocket Doctor works range of different partners to provide healthcare solutions in a number of ways.

Charities and non-profits

Community Based Organizations

Federal Qualified Health Centers

Managed Care Organizations



Healthcare Brokers


Digital Health Technologies

Rocket Doctor’s Platform Can Benefit Partners By:

Providing a convenient, comprehensive virtual care solution for their customers, employees or beneficiaries to quickly receive care on a user-friendly platform.

Providing a vast network of primary & emergency care providers plus specialists to service a variety of healthcare needs very quickly, with appointment availability from employee homes within hours instead of days.

Providing access to care solutions for underserved communities including those with Medi-Cal, Medicare and Medicaid.

Introducing a low-cost solution for employers, to add to existing healthcare plans or as an add-on feature.

Providing an all-in-one online platform for practices, to streamline care with digital services and tracking patient data.

Complying with HIPAA & PHIPA, providing a private and secure interaction between doctors and patients.

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