Reimagine Healthcare Packages For Your Clients

A Virtual Care Solution For Healthcare Brokers

A comprehensive telehealth package for company clients

In the context of COVID-19 and beyond, employers and their employees now want a reliable telehealth option included in their healthcare plan. Employers are now being tasked with supplementing plans with a virtual care platform – specifically with digitally-enabled technology that is easily accessible and cost effective – to treat ailments quickly and remotely by board-certified providers.

Rocket Doctor is here to be your telehealth partner for customizable healthcare plans, to provide this sought-after benefit for your employer clients.

Virtual care and online management tools are a modern solution to common barriers to receiving care such as travel distance, long wait times, ease of mobility, security for at-risk populations and privacy protection.


Rocket Doctor’s comprehensive cloud-based platform can provide the following:

On-demand 24/7 virtual care technology with HD video conferencing

An easy to use, web-browser based portal with no downloads required for users

Secure portal with referral, sick note, prescription, and lab / image request capabilities

Telehealth technology for services such as primary care, urgent and emergency care, pediatricians, women’s health, dermatology, mental health, urology, ENT specialists and more

Rocket Doctor technology benefits employers by:

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