If you are a doctor, you can help

Help Us Keep the Public Informed

Volunteer with us to fight the pandemic and flatten the curve

We are currently offering a free service to members of the public who have questions about COVID-19, via our COVID 19 Hotline.

Please note, both for the public and healthcare professionals, we will not be asking you to engage in a doctor / patient relationship. Rather, we simply answer questions via email as fast as we can get to them (ideally within 24 hours). 

If you’re interested in helping, please complete the form on this page!

For Medical Doctors, as you complete this form you will see additional information about our telehealth service and how to get involved. 

How it works

You Raise Your Hand

You apply by filling the form above and gives us some information about your background and qualifications to help to provide informed answers to the public.​

We check your references

We review your application and check that you have the right background to answer the questions that so many depend on to make the right decisions to stop the spread of the pandemic.

We Onboard You

You review and accept our guidelines for writing up answers, getting answers through peer review, and channeling the answers back to the individual who submitted the question.

You Start Making a Difference

You sign up for a shift with an assigned role (either responder or reviewer) and start helping to provide helpful and informed answers to the public.​