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Common Causes of ED



High Blood Pressure

High Cholesterol

Alcoholism & Tobacco Use

Low Testosterone

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Questions and Answers

Erectile dysfunction often occurs when blood flow in the penis is limited or if the nerves have been harmed. It can also be caused with stress or emotional reasons (anxiety & depression). Some physical causes include high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, tobacco use, and heart disease.

Erectile dysfunction can be cured depending on the cause. Speak with a doctor and get the right treatment or medication for your health condition.

Some cases of erectile dysfunction can go away on their own and this can be due to a minor illness or stress. If ED is occurring more frequently, see a doctor. In this case, it may be caused by a health-related problem (heart disease, diabetes, etc.), which with treatment could resolve erectile dysfunction.

About 40% of men started experiencing erectile dysfunction at in 40s, but most experience ED by the age of 70. 

Erectile dysfunction usually develops over time and is a gradual loss of function. If ED were to occur unexpectedly, this is more likely due to a side effect of a medication or a psychological issue. See a doctor if the condition persists to get treated.

Most oral medications have been effective for erectile dysfunction. Each medication works slightly different and each has their own potential side effects. Talk to a doctor to receive the right ED medication based on your health condition.

In most cases, a doctor’s exam and taking a medical history is enough for a to diagnose erectile dysfunction and recommend  treatment. If you are experiencing other health conditions, further tests (blood, urine, psychological exam, and ultrasound) might be needed to further understand your condition.

To treat erectile dysfunction a doctor would first need to look at underlying conditions and then consider medication after those have been addressed. Depending on the severity and other underlying health condition, there may be various treatments. Most common treatment is oral medication. 

Erectile dysfunction can either be temporary or chronic depending on the underlying cause. Temporary cases can be caused by smoking, overweight, physical inactivity, or stress. While chronic ED can be caused by nerve damage, diabetes, heart disease, and multiple sclerosis.

Erectile dysfunction is always treated as a warning sign of another health problem you’re experiencing especially if it has occured more often. It is advised to see a doctor and get checked as to what the underlying cause of your erectile dysfunction.

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